Maternity Shoot with a Bold and Organic Bouquet

This is a bit of a throw back but still such a favorite in my book! My sweet friend and champion, Sara Lynn, asked me to design a bouquet for her own fine art maternity shoot a few years ago. She told me she would wear a long black dress and a red lip so this is what I brought her. To this day I have never worked with more gorgeous and cooperative hellebores!

Because I primarily design for weddings, red is a color that I don't often get to play with. I love how the bright red anemone grabs you and pulls you into the soft layers of cream and plum. Hanging tendrils of jasmine vine take this lush bouquet packed with blooms and give it gorgeous movement and just the right amount of wildness.

It can be so helpful to look back at your previous work not only to see how far you have come, but to also reconnect with something that maybe you left behind. I see this bouquet and it reminds me that simplicity is so elegant. Sometimes as florists I feel like we can get lost in all the ingredients that come together to create a wedding. This bouquet has 6 different types of greenery and flower, whereas sometimes when I design a bridal bouquet, I find myself including 12-15 elements. Simplifying recipes is an exercise I have been trying to engage in recently and its not always easy! These images are a beautiful reminder that a few gorgeous blooms are all it takes to create something stunning.

Sara Lynn is a unbelievably talented film photograph in the Denver area so it only made sense that she would ask Carrie King to capture this time in her life. I find it such a blessing that I have been able to work with both women on many occasions.

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