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Our mission is to create gorgeous and luxurious floral designs while centering on environmentally sustainable practices to help move the floral industry towards a brighter, more conscious future.

At the heart of our unique, A La Carte process is our mission to create a new way of selecting flowers for events. The floral industry leaves a very heavy footprint. From the environmental impact of growing the flowers on industrial farms and shipping them around the world, to the waste generated by each event, there is a lot of room for improvement.


I wholeheartedly support using flowers to communicate deeply felt emotion and to celebrate life’s most important moments. I don’t want to live in a world where weddings and events aren’t made more festive with flowers! However, I do believe that we must all be more conscious with the decisions we make in order to ensure a healthy planet in the future. Flowers are of the earth so we must take care of our earth if we want to continue living with these beautiful blooms.

This A La Carte approach not only provides you with a straight forward and simplified process for having gorgeous arrangements at your event, it also embodies the sustainable mindset of reducing consumption through quality over quantity. We create lush and romantic floral designs that prioritize local blooms while we work to eliminate waste every step of  the way.

Keep It Local
Colorado's growing season begins in May and ends with the frost, typically early October. During this time we source as many blooms as we can from the incredible farmers across the state to bring your vision to life. 

We also keep our work local by only delivering within 40 miles of our studio. This includes areas like Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Idaho Springs, Littleton, Morrison, and Parker. 

Emma Lea Floral - Kristen Pierson Photography

Quality over Quantity
A key element of sustainability is lowering consumption. Our offerings focus floral impact on areas like bouquets, centerpieces, and one fabulous installation. 

Sustainable Practices
Emma Lea Floral uses sustainable and reusable floral mechanics for all designs. We never use the green Oasis floral foam that is petroleum based, full of toxic chemicals, and made of microplastics that infiltrate our water. 

We do not include painted, dyed, or bleached florals/botanicals in our designs. 

Our organic waste is composted and we recycle any materials possible. From there we aim to limit our use of plastic as much as we can. It's not about being perfect, its about making changes where we can!


Give Back
We believe in conscious consumption as well as investing in global change. Emma Lea Floral will donate a portion of profits to a nonprofit organization supporting frontline communities most impacted by climate change. 


RMB Editorial_Decorus Photography_Colorado Fine Art Editorial_Fall Issue_039.jpg

Does this process speak to you? 
We would love to be your florist! 

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