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Taking The Fear Out of Bold Wedding Colors

There are so many choices for a couple to make when designing their wedding. One of the first, and most difficult decisions to make, is color scheme. The traditional association of weddings with white leads many brides to lean towards a neutral palette. This light and soft look can be beautifully done, creating a romantic and feminine feel for the wedding celebration. But maybe that's not your style! Although bold color can be intimidating, when done right it can be romantic and feminine in its own right.

Here are a few tips for how to approach a saturated color palette.

Denver Colorado Fine Art Floral Design - Luxury Wedding and Event Florist - Emma Lea Floral - Sarah Jayne Photography

Opt for a color spectrum

In all honestly, I think that this tip applies to anyone planning their wedding design. Rather than picking two or three colors to encompass a look, consider a spectrum of color. For example, you might be leaning towards navy blue and peach for you wedding colors. Instead, consider what tones might blend between these two main colors in order to create a spectrum.

The contrast of opposite colors such as navy blue and peach can look somewhat unnatural when placed right next to each other. Adding colors that fall between the two can help to bridge the divide and offer a more organic visual transition for the eye. Like the spectrum above, it can be helpful to soften your saturated colors with lighter tones. This still offers a look rich in color, but slightly relaxed and with a satisfying visual depth.

This is especially helpful when designing wedding flowers. Every flower in nature falls somewhere different on the color spectrum. Having a flexible color palette allows for a little wiggle room when choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding. As a florist there is nothing I enjoy more than finding those unique, seasonal blooms that help to bridge color divides and create a more organic look.

Stay seasonal

Once again, this tip will not only contribute to a more authentic color palette, but it will also help to ensure you have the most beautiful, and affordable designs on your wedding day.

Say you are dreaming of a bright, spring-time wedding based around the color orange. Pairing the orange with traditionally fall tones such as red and purple might feel unnatural in the spring. Your selection of flowers available in these colors may also be limited. However, the addition of yellows and pinks to this palette could help bring it into the appropriate season with plenty of blooms in those shades to show off.

Denver Colorado Fine Art Floral Design - Luxury Wedding and Event Florist - Emma Lea Floral - Sarah Jayne Photography

Contain the bold colors

A color palette rich with saturated color is best executed with restraint. Bright colors everywhere become visually distracting and overwhelming. Focusing your bright colors to a few key wedding details will allow your thoughtful color palette to really shine.

Flowers are a perfect way to showcase a rich color spectrum in a natural way. Kristen was a bride who did not relate to the traditional white and pastel look. She went bold with her blooms and perfectly captured the summer-time without overdoing it.

Trust your florist

Of course this is my favorite bit of advice.

You are hopefully choosing a floral designer because you love the work that they have created in the past and you enjoyed the ideas they have for your wedding. Trusting your florist does not mean you have to leave any and all decision making up to them. It simply means that you have faith in their design instincts and allow them to create one of a kind works of art for your wedding. Encouraging your florist to be creative can give them the confidence to add that totally gorgeous and unexpected seasonal bloom that they found at the flower market which elevates your bouquet to the next level.

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