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We are so excited to learn about your floral vision! Please fill out our inquiry form so that we can check our availability and begin the consultation process! The minimum investment for our A La Carte Offerings is $350. We are available for pickup orders at our studio and delivery/setup to a single venue within 40 miles. All orders must be placed a minimum of 3 weeks before the event date. 

Only need a bouquet and boutonniere? Check out our elopement essentials package!


We are available by appointment for all consultations and meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions


 Are you a full service florist?

We are not a full service design studio. A key difference between Full Service and our A La Carte process is our delivery process. We  offer the delivery and setup of the items we provide  but our time on site is limited to the time it takes to place arrangements and design your installation. For example, we do not stay to pin boutonnieres or move items from a wedding ceremony to reception.

While we personalize our provided arrangements to fit the color and style of your event, we do not fully customize our offerings to each individual client. The exception to this would be the inclusion of one custom on-site installation. 

What if I don't see a design I am looking for on your floral menu?

Because we provide A La Carte event florals rather than full service design, we do not provide quotes for custom arrangements  or designs beyond the on-site installation design that we offer. That being said, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. We might have a creative answer that will work perfectly! 



When should I book with you?

We suggest reaching out a year in advance at the earliest, and no later than 3 weeks before an event. 3 weeks is the minimum amount of time required to secure product availability. We are able to design for multiple events in a week but certain busy weekends will book up completely so it is best to check our availability right away.

Do you deliver?

Yes! You have the option for simple delivery, or delivery and setup at your venue within 40 miles of our studio. Delivery is limited to one location.​

Do you return for takedown?
Depending on the size and scale of your order we may include takedown in your floral proposal. This is best for orders with candles, arrangements, and an installation. If you prefer to take care of takedown your self you always have that option. Keep in mind your specific venue's specifications and always be sure to communicate these details with your event planner!

Where do you get your flowers?
We are lucky to have so many incredible flower farmers in the State of Colorado! Thanks to the Colorado Flower Collective, we have a network of farmers that we are able to source blooms from during the Colorado growing season. When we need to incorporate imported flowers we shop with the local wholesalers who have been serving the area for decades. 

To create your floral vision we will always prioritize locally grown product over imported. The season, style, or color palette may require us to use imported florals. When this is the case we will then prioritize products grown in the USA, and from there, products grown by operations who submit themselves to programs that monitor environmental and social standards. Our long-term goal is to ultimately move toward designing with only what is seasonally available in Colorado. 

How do I participate in the vase buy-back program?

Anybody can be a part of our buyback program! Whether you plan to pack up arrangements yourself at the end of your event or you hire us for takedown, you will receive a buyback refund for the returned items that we are able to use again. Reach out to us for more specifics about the process!

Do you travel outside the 40 mile delivery radius?

Our goal is to limit our carbon footprint as best we can. We are open to delivery just outside of our range but highly recommend working with florists local to your venue. We are happy to give recommendations!

Can I pay to have multiple installations? 

On-site installations are limited to one of our offered focal designs. That doesn't mean we cant get creative when it comes to adding floral arrangements to unique places :)


Do you require exclusivity?

No we do not. Our A La Carte process allows the flexibility to commission the items you need, allowing you to bring in floral items from another source if necessary. If you plan to hire multiple florists, make sure that they do not have exclusivity requirements.


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